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Made from   Ultrasuede®

Ultrasuede® is a versatile, light-weight material. A luxurious yet highly functional non-woven fabric with a suede texture made possible by leveraging the most advanced fiber technologies.


Mold Resistant 

Breathable material makes Lotus bag inserts perfect for all climates.


Easy to care for and maintain.

Superior Durability

Italian-crafted, a marriage of robust construction and unparalleled sophistication.

Plant Based

Made of partially plant based polyester: The world’s first. With sustainable and recycled resources, we are proudly making a responsible choice for the environment.

Recyclable Packaging

We minimise waste and use no plastic materials. Your order will be shipped with a reusable fabric dustbag.


(Compatible with Roulis 23)


to Fit.

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The world’s first single piece Hermès Constance bag inserts. Uniquely designed and crafted in Italy to offer complete protection for the interior of your Constance handbag.

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A Compact,  Lightweight design.

Comprehensive protection without the excess weight.

Care for what you love.

Lotus Bag inserts are made of Ultrasuede® and are specifically designed to protect the interior of your Hermes Constance handbag. Thoughtfully designed and crafted, our bag inserts are soft to the touch and have a luxurious texture.

Every Constance insert is meticulously hand made in Italy with its own unique serial number.

Uses No Dyes. 

We use only raw and Natural colours to avoid colour bleeding onto your precious Hermès bags.

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